Planting Up High

As part of our spring planting, we freshened up our 3rd floor deck.

Making it a little easier, the sedum planted in the corners comes back every year and the Dusty Millers have also came back the last 2 years. We then fill in between with annuals.

Since this will be our 4th season with these planters which are relatively small we put fresh soil in wherever we could to give some good nutrients. We also fertilize the whole length.

Unlike our front garden, we get a lot of sun on the deck, especially the western afternoon sun, so we have a lot more plants to choose from. But we also have to keep them happy with a soaker house on a frequent timer since the shallow dirt can dry out quick in the summer.

We didn’t go too crazy this year with our annuals, mostly petunias, geraniums, spiky grass, and some low vines, to complement the sedum. Can’t wait to see them grow.

The planter makes the deck so much more enjoyable, it’s hard to believe its been three years since we built it.

Do you have any planting projects going on?

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