Pins Up!

You might recognize this door – it’s our first floor living room coat closet door.

Here’s the inside of that closet. We decided it was the perfect place for a tackboard. Close enough to reference for daily use, but hidden enough for aesthetics.

A while ago we figured out that Forbo tack board, a product we specify often for work, would sit perfectly in the recessed panels of the door. We were able to salvage a few dark gray pieces during our new office construction in February.

The forbo pieces were scrap cut offs destined for the trash, and so they’d been stepped on and tossed around. I spent some time cleaning them off with water and a microfiber. Those microfibers are good for everything!

Luckily the recessed areas were all the same size, give or take a 1/16th of an inch. I carefully cut down all the pieces using the best part of each scraps and did a dry fit:

Once I was happy with the pieces, I marked the backs and got out the tube of construction adhesive.

Going one at a time, I evenly coated the back of each piece, using a scrap piece of wood to make sure every edge and corner were covered. Then I lifted and stuck them into place. Clamping a hard surface to the forbo to ensure contact during curing was one of the trickier steps. I left the clamps on for about 20 minutes per panel:

We let the boards cure a few days with the door open before starting in on our tacking:

Our annual block spring clean up day is expanding this year to include the neighboring block:

We’re using clear pins since they go so well with our glass knob:

It’s a small but functional project- and it’s been on the to-do list for a while! Check!

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