The Necessary Odds & Ends

We really want to paint and be done with this project!!! But alias there are still a few more tasks to do along the way…

We cut in around the new plaster moldings to cover the holes from our guide board and give it a nice clean edge.

There’s all the final drywall sanding! Oh what a fun step…

The opening into the kitchen received its casing and corner blocks to match the door and window.

All the trim was wood puttied and sanded, and the corners caulked.

And every time we think we are done with the electric we come with new ideas!

Here we are laying out a line of wall washers. We at least had this idea before drywalling, so there is wire above the ceiling for the lights.

We are using these GU 10 fixtures, for their small size, crisp light, and there are easy line voltage dimming to work with our ‘historic’ push button switches. (The push buttons are new remakes by Classic Accents, but they don’t work with MR16s, LEDs, etc, just incandescent lamps).

These will give a nice even wash of light on the wall that will have our credenza. This is also the wall that is right in front of you when entering the room. The same wall in our Living Room was the wall sconces, so they both will glow and be inviting when viewed from the front hall.

My helper is still checking out the work to make sure everything is ready to paint. Almost there!

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