Guest Bedroom

March 2012 Update: We’re officially done with this room! Pics to come! Check it out in it’s almost finished state, here:


Sept 2011 Update: We’re actually adding closets to both guest bedrooms and the little bedroom needs some work we didn’t realize- like a new window- so this is going to take a while to wrap up.

June 2011: Currently our third bedroom, which we affectionately call the “Little Bedroom”, is a storage room. We keep our renovation items to install in there, as well as our “work” clothing, and even some tools. As the only room on the 2nd/ 3rd floor with a protected floor (existing carpet), we tend to do anything messy in there (example: using the wet saw for the bathroom project). But things are a’changin. Here are some photos. Here is the existing plan:

As you can see, it really is much smaller than the other bedrooms. The long term goal is that the orange bedroom, which is a mirror image of the master bedroom, will be our guest room. However there is a dining room table in there currently, and with our schedule as it is, it is hard to pinpoint exactly when the dining room will be done and therefore able to move the table downstairs. So in order to get ourselves a functioning guest room this summer, we’re taking a few weeks to gentley kick this little bedroom into shape. Not a spacious shape, but functional and private:

We’re calling it a FLIP* because we intend for it to go quicker than some of our other projects and have an immediate return on investment- more happy guests! Our goal is have the guest villa up and running in early August*. (*um, hint, this didn’t happen)

What we still plan to do: smooth/ patch the existing plaster walls & ceiling, fininsh the drywall ceiling, remove the carpet, fix the existing trim, replace the existing fin tube radiator with a smaller flat panel radiator, install woodwork/ grille over the opening to the hvac, cut and opening and install a return grille into the hall, adjust the existing door opening so it’s not so crooked, paint, refinish the hardwood/new flooring, and set up a bed/ window treatments/ rug, etc.

*Real estate flipping (from wikipedia)

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