To Do List

Our plans include:

  • Rewire entire house (over half of it is currently 100yr old knob & tube wiring in pretty bad shape)
  • 100% brand new Kitchen
  • Create a new opening between Kitchen & Living room and widen the existing opening between Kitchen & Dining Room
  • Create a new half-bath, coat closet and built-in credenza on the first floor
  • Reopen boarded up bow window in Living Room the frame is done, have started designing with McElf Glass Studio who will create a gorgeous custom window
  • Open a boarded up bow window on the north side in the Master bedroom closet
  • Open a boarded-up window in the Kitchen (north side)
  • Replace the existing Kitchen Window
  • Open a boarded up window which will end up being in the half-bath
  • 100% brand new Bathroom
  • The little bedroom – needs a makeover (empty, remove carpet, patch & paint, some woodwork to conceal HVAC unit in portion of the ceiling)
  • Create a linen closet on the 2nd floor (and a bonus mini closet) –
  • Remove wonky closet from orange bedroom and create new closets for both “spare” bedrooms
  • Add a “conditioned” closet/ attic above the closets in the bedrooms for additional storage (suitcases, out of season comforters, etc)
  • Repaint 2nd floor hall, add new lights
  • Install trim that matches existing historic profile in Living room (will be stained oak)
  • Strip & refinish the fireplace
  • Replace the mantel with stone
  • Add a ventless gas insert to fireplace
  • Refinish the handrails and newell posts in the stair from 1st to 2nd flr
  • Paint the hall and front entry; hang new light fixture
  • Replace ceiling light fixtures in Dining Room & Living room
  • Laminate new drywall to Dining Room ceiling or skim coat with plaster
  • Install wainscot, picture rail and possibly crown moulding in Dining Room (painted)
  • Create a basement workshop!
  • Repaint hall to third floor
  • Revamp the back porch area – new sliding gate & stepsDONE!
  • Revamp the front door (future stained glass? new house numbers? fix the wonky door)
  • New basement window(s) along alley (currently boarded over)
  • Future -future – future plans may include a possible upper roof deck… yeah we will have to keep dreaming on this one!

We'd love to hear from you!

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