Salvaging is Green (& Free!)

The architecture office we both work at is moving. I have worked on this awesome block of Walnut near Rittenhouse Sq for over a decade, and Kelly for half of that but alas the building was sold to become apartments…

We will certainly miss the neighborhood, views, and especially our roof terrace on the 25 floor! The office is moving up the street closer to the river.

Of course you have to look at the bright sides, we are even closer to our house and we get to salvage all the cabinetry from our old office!

So with a little assistance from another coworker who also was in need of some cabinets we disassembled the copy print room & kitchens in no time.

Then came the hard part of moving all of these out …on a Friday night.

And of course it started to rain but two truck loads later we had all the cabinets home and loaded our coworker up with his cabinets.

So remember when we cleaned out the dining room? Well it’s not cleared out anymore…

After some reorganizing it is not so bad until we get to the projects. The majority of the cabinets, counters, and sink will be going into a new laundry room, and in the mean time the cat likes to climb on them.

We are also fully moved into our new office now and still have some great city views… From my desk I get the river, train station and even the Art Museum in the distance.

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