Getting Around the Room

My little helper helped install the rest of the trim around the room. 😊

Once we had all the stile & rails installed we moved on to the cap.

We broke the original cap profile into two pieces for an easier installation.

For the top rail, we actually got 14′ long boards from our millworker! That was a fun board to maneuver around the house… But it made for a clean, continuos cap.

When installing any type of rail / trim around a room, the tricky parts are always the terminations and transitions.

The end of the half wall at the kitchen was a particular challenge. Everything returned on itself, without protruding too far into the opening, aligning with the cap on the kitchen side, and working with the casing that is still to come above the rail.

At the other door and window the top rail simply returned to the wall, just slightly overlapping the casing.

And here is the final product.

Can’t wait to start painting!

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