Undoing Past Damage

We are reusing a lot of the old doors but many of them have been really cut up over the years. So we need to make them square again and add back the material that was previously cut off.

A cutting guide is also very useful when free-handing a saw:

This one wasn’t too bad, just the top and the old hinge recesses needed to be patched.

The bathroom door on the other hand … was really hacked apart over the years. You can see how narrow the bottom rail and hinge side stile are. You think they would have at least cut both sides equally so the stiles matched, of course now I only need patch one side since that’s all they cut.

The new wood is glued and screwed to the old door. We borrowed some nice long clamps from the West Philly Tool Library for this project.

We also had to plug the hole from the older cylindrical lock as we will be installing a mortised lock to match original hardware.

We still need to putty & sand these doors but once painted it should be hard to see the patches!

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