Fresh Veggies!

It’s that time of year and we have been doing lots of planting!

Before we started to plant our vegetable garden above our back gate we put up netting to keep the birds & squirrels out. (Last year we had a squirrel that liked to bury their nuts in our planter and knock all the dirt on the ground!) You can hardly see the netting and it is supported by beam clamps at the top, eye hooks at the bottom, and a stainless steel cable running through the hooks all the way around the net. Hopeful it will do the trick.

Then it was time to get on a ladder and do some planting!

We planted peppers, basil, radishes, chives and marigolds.

You can also see our upside down tomato plant in the hanging green bag. We mainly tried it because it gives the tomato more dirt than is in the planter box.

To keep the plants happy we ran a soaker hose, on a timer, the length of the planter box, and a plastic tube comes off of the end of the hose to water our tomato. Kelly also made some cute name tags out of scrap wood.

It’s always fun to watch your plants grow and the radish seeds we planted on Friday are already sprouting! I can’t wait to eat some garden fresh radishes!

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