Door La La

Ladies* and Gentlemen, may we present…
Our bathroom door:

This is the door we added height and width to, so the next step was to route out the hinges in our living room workshop. This is way clean, btw:

Perfect. Now screw in the hinges:

Then route the door frame for those hinges:

Hinges Meet Door, Hinges Meet Frame:

There may be some finishing touches (paint, knob, lock, handle-side stop, blah) but who cares about all of that if your rebuilt door is swinging on awesome hinges?

*aka Laura of Our Beech House

4 responses to “Door La La

    • Thank you! Remember we got those hinges when we went to Scranton with you and Uncle Wayne? We’re finally using them! 🙂

  1. I saw great historic wooden doors on auction yesterday. Only problem was the price, far to expensive for me.

    • We’re lucky that most of the doors are original to the house and in good condition. Some of the small closet doors we made using mdf and a router. If you’re looking for old paneled wood doors, try looking at an architectural salvage place, flea market or craigslist instead of an antique shop. Good luck!

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