Cork Is Down: Before & After

The cork’s down but there are a few more steps to go, including applying two coats of water based poly and the bottom -shoe- part of the baseboard.

Threshold between hall & bedroom. Before we installed the cork I sanded and stained it and we plan to take the water based poly right over it from the cork.

After. We chose to center a full tile on the threshold:

Before. Tools of the measuring trade strewn about the self leveled floor:

After. We used a rented 100lb roller to make sure the tiles adhered fully.

And a view from the closet. Per product instructions, we left a hairline gap between all of the tiles to account for possible swelling of the tiles during the summer months.

Before (a crazy storage/ project prep room):

After (practically ready for furniture):

To prove that it’s a whole new room, I decided to lay down on the floor (extremely risky behavior before) to get a good photo of the ceiling:

More on that light fixture soon. The cork is similar to wood floor- warm to the touch, a little bit of give, and smooth. The color was pretty consistent too. So far so good!

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