Shabby Chic Making A Comeback

Ok not really. But it’s seemingly hopeless doors like this that probably made the ‘style’ popular in the first place… Over painted, dented in, drips galore… I can imagine someone getting really sick of sanding and stripping and fixing some antiques, then just calling it a day. Then charging a lot for it.

Hey, wanna buy my ANTIQUED door? It looks reaaaaally old!

This used to be the orange bedroom closet door, and now will be the little bedroom pocket door. Lots of sanding, lots of filling, and here’s hoping some paint will help the situation.

If not I guess we could keep it in the pocket, hidden away…

Since I was sanding right next to the little bedroom door, I just kept going with the sander, and filled parts of it too.

That way we can paint all the doors at once, since it’s so much fun!!

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