Another Day, Another Door

We’re hanging doors left and right and tonight the bedroom door went up- on the right:

We started by routing the door for hinges in our living room workshop, then carried the door upstairs:

Then rout the door frame, attach frame side of the hinge, then lift the HEAVY door up to click the hinges together:

Then drop in the ball topped pin. These are the old hinges that I ironically stripped then painted. I may be biased but the new paint job is possibly superior to the previous paint jobs. I’m not sure what that white spot is but it must be dust or something.

(That’s would be them a few months ago on the left, also it’s the same door/ jamb )

Side project- prepping the mechanical soffit panel (aka an old door); it needed primed so we can hang that guy too. Pre-prime:

Post prime. Doors stacked upon doors… This is an example of the door land that is our living room right now:

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