Spackley Mud Fun

A night of spackle/ plastering/ mudding last night left us too tired to even post. Rare. So here’s the update you’ve been waiting for….
Remember the lump in our hall wall I tried to fix with plaster washers, but ended up ripping out? Then remember how the mini project stalled at that point? Here it is today, lumpy as ever, but covered up:

Here’s the NEW hole we made at another lump, in the bedroom. This one was filled in almost immediately though. Yes we sketch on our walls:

Here’s the ceiling with some of the lesser-known constellations, made of plaster washers. We considered laminating or furring the ceiling with drywall but I felt a twinge of guilt about covering up even more plaster and somehow convinced us to just smoothe it out:

Obvs Rob loves the idea. You can see the one area though we did end up patching in with drywall:

Here it is with the first coat of plaster mud spackle.

Just like with painting, one coat does not a spackle job complete. Have to sand, coat, sand and possibly another coat before priming.

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