Counterpart Painter

While Rob was working on the mud, I was also keeping myself busy…

By the way we’re considering changing up the pendant light fixture in here to the knappa from ikea… The room’s going to be so fresh and clean and even a little dare I say modern when we’re done. So something like this classic piece will serve us well:

Back to what I’m up to… Not a secret… It’s door prep. Sand, fill, sand, prime, coat one, coat two… I’m in all stages right now depending on the door. The secret to painting these stile & rail doors is of course, paint with the grain. Here’s the front of the pocket door, ready for coat one:

I’ve also been touching up and final coating those Other closet doors in the hall, trying to get the shelves and possibly, oh I don’t know, actual linens in there. There’s still a little floor poly-ing to do too. Wait, who’s that dude in the red?

That’s our light up Santa, watching the garden:

This weekend I’m going to try to bust out the rest of the door sanding, and wrap up as much of this hand painting as possible – I’m ready to paint with a roller again! Of course we still have a ton of trim to prep so it won’t be over anytime soon.

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