Happy December!

Last weekend while at my (Kelly’s) parents house in MD, we made a lovely wintry wreath. Thanks to Laura and Megan for the inspiration 🙂 My fam and I have made plennnnnty of wreaths in our day – I remember watching my mom and grandma wire wreaths together, which is old school – but this is the first one I’ve made in years and our first one together. Turns out it’s like riding a bike.

Step 1: grab clippers and cut some greens. Here’s the crew (sister Caitlin, her new fiancé(!) Rik, my mom, Rob and Penny) cutting greens from Canaan firs on the family farm:

Step 2: cut boughs into smaller pieces, arrange bunches and clip in a wreath ring. My mom is showing the newbies the ropes. We used rings with clips that you hammer shut:

Rob with our wreath:

Step 3: decorate! We’re certainly not minimalists when it comes to wreath decor. Bring on the holly, pinecones, lights, and a bow with a bell.

Step 4: Hang it up and plug it in!

Loving our seasonal decor. Besides the wreath we put out a few of our favorite Christmas items including our Santa and ceramic tree, but no actual tree again this year 😦 due to the reno… But next year is the year, We promise!

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