Mid Summer Garden Update

Despite the heat our garden has been hanging in there nicely.

We have sprinklers set up with a quick connect hose for when it gets really hot, but overall this is a low maintenance garden. (Which is good since we don’t have a lot of extra time with the home renovations.)

The transplanted Hosta is doing well, the Coleus is giant, the Wax Begonias are growing, the Geraniums are blooming, and the Impatiens are growing wild.

Trimming our tree back last Fall did help bring more sun into the garden, and the more sun the more happy plants & blooms.

We also have more happy birds in the garden this year with our new bird feeder. The one downside of the bird feeder is that all the seeds the hungry birds drop begin to sprout. We love sun flowers but there really isn’t space for them in our garden!

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