Plaster Moldings -> Done! … Or at least the hardest part is

After 6 passes on our plaster crown molding, it looks good… So it was time to take down the wood guide rails.


We still need to do a final sanding of the trim and patch in the corners… but the hardest part is done! i.e. Running the long sections of trim, and of course figuring out how to do it.


If your curious on how we did it, here is a short ‘action’ video. I had just put a fresh coat of plaster over the previous pass and then ran the knife along the guide to skim off the excess plaster, leaving a smooth profile:

So now on to the corners… To prep them we drew our guide line and put a few more projecting screws in for the plaster to grab on to.


And here goes the first coat.


I am hoping we can finish the corners in 3 to 4 coats and not 6. Stay tuned…

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