Back on Track … Slowly

After the holidays it is always hard to get back on track with house projects in the new year… So we are taking baby steps.

Remember that wall we framed in the basement last year?

We put strips of scrap plywood across the stud framing so that we can now installing wood paneling.

We are using original tong & groove wood paneling that we salvaged when remodeling our 2nd floor bathroom. It’s a perfect project to use some of it and it will go with the original bead board at the basement stair on the other side of the new door.

It went up fast with some construction adhesive and shooting nails into the plywood strips.
We also routed a new baseboard and will install the end trim once we build the sliding door.

The shop side of the wall will be covered with peg board.

I will be glad when this project is done and we reorganize the basement! It is tight working quarters down there since we don’t really have anywhere to temporary put everything now that our first floor is almost done.

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