Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

We are still finishing up the plaster molding in our dining room, buts it’s a long repetitive process…

For each wall we mix up a fresh pot of plaster.

And then have about a half an hour of work time before it sets up and we have to clean all our tools, molding knives, and buckets so we can start all over again…

Though the benefits of mixing our own, over using a bucket of premixed joint compound, is its stronger, has less shrinkage, you can control the consistency, and the quick setting lets you do the next pass much sooner.

So here we go putting coat #5 up.

Then running the knife over it to smooth it out and remove any excess material.

So here is how it looked after 5 passes around the room… Pretty close.
And here is the 6th pass…

You probably can’t see much of a difference in the big photo but up close the 6th pass smoothed out the last of the imperfections and bubbles.
(For this last pass, I did you use premixed joint compound since it was going to be so thin… I could save some time as well as have more time to work the material.)

The main runs of the molding are pretty much done! A few touch up here and there and then we just need to close those corners!

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