Bathroom Meltdown, Part II

If you’ve been following along here since way back in SEPTEMBER, you may have noticed things started to go awry when we demoed the Kitchen Ceiling and realized we had Major (with a capitol M) Structural (with a capital S) Issues (with a capital ISSUES!).

This was not in our plan.

But to make a long story short, we had to sister the joists in the kitchen ceiling & this required removing the bathroom floor.  Oh, and almost all the plumbing running to/around the bathroom was shot.


But this discovery also gave us a little incentive to move the fixtures around when we ran new plumbing, and install a tile floor and radiant heat! So we immediately got to work on a floor plan.

Original Plan:

New Plan:

Love it!  Well then there’s this other part. Before, most of the untiled walls were hidden behind the tub. (Yes, only half the walls had this amazing tile on them the rest was drywall.) Now, our vanity and toilet would be staring drywall in the face.  Not pretty. So we thought a lot about tile

Once we made the decision to layout the bathroom as shown above, and to buy new 2×6 slightly off white crackled tile (as well as some salvaged pieces kindly left in the basement by previous owners) on the un-tiled walls to nearly match the old, we thought we were set.  We found a vanity:

We stored the tub in the middle of the orange guest room and somehow functioned around it for weeks and weeks (finally we moved it against the wall, where it still resides. that thing is HEAVY!)


We ripped out the drywall exterior walls repointed the damaged brick and insulated the walls, dug through gross insulation over our porch and I touched a dead mouse in the process. We did the plumbing, relocated the radiator and hooked it up in another room, bought sinks, and ran the radiant floor.  We installed most of the plywood substrate and used a lot of glue.  I’d link to all these things but you know how to find them (search bar on the left hand side) and I like blanking out all this work from my mind.  And then.

….Stay tuned for Part III…

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