Dining Rm – Day 2

After the long and exhausting day 1, day 2 of the Dining Room was fairly short and sweet.

Everything got a first coat of spackle.

My brother-law helped us scrap, putty, & sand all the existing wood trim. Thanks man!

With all those layers of paint, this steps makes a huge difference in the quality of the final finish.

But a good respirator mask is a must when sanding old paint, as well as wiping everything down when down to clean up all the dust.

The wall to the kitchen is new (relatively new at this point), so it needed new baseboard to match / tie into the existing.

And that’s was it for day 2… And it didn’t help our progress that the whole house was coming down with the flu 😞

But will being sick & resting, I looked back and remembered that we had planned most of this work out back in 2012:

Sometimes life does allow you complete your projects in a timely fashion 😕

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