Dining Room Details

We spent a good part of today working out details for the dining room wainscot and trim including a few tricky transitions around the passage to the kitchen. We also decided to order some addition custom trim. We anticipated this project when we ordered it back in 2010, but since we did not anticipate a few of the additional projects we did since then, we’ve depleted our stock and need a few more pieces. We have most of the remaining materials, besides the drywall for the ceiling.

Here’s a 10 minute photoshopped vision of our future dining room:

The end goal of all this work of course is hosting a family dinner this Thanksgiving. We’ve been promising tofurkey for a few years now and the gig is up. (If you’re related to us, and we don’t meet this goal, please note that we’ll have Thanksgiving NEXT year. Promise.)

Don’t worry, we totally have this: Rob is a millworking pro and I’ve been doing DIY projects since I was 2:

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