Back in Action, In the Basement

So we are back to work in the basement, and I really want to get this project done ASAP…

First things first, clean out the basement to make some room to work! A lot of stuff made its way into the trash with the rest temporarily being stored in the other side of the basement or the dining room.

One of the main things we will be doing is painting the walls & ceilings to clean up and brighten the space.

We plan to use the sprayer for most of the basement but I used an old school brush and roller behind the boiler & water heater. I didn’t want to have to mask around all this stuff and I have some plumbing work that needs to be mounted on this wall before we get to spraying.

It’s already brightening up the space!

On a side note, in the corner of the basement there is this random board with writing. It’s upside down so I rotated the picture for the ease of reading ‘Baker Smith & Co, Phila.’ Anyone ever hear of this company?

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