Spring Gardening

On Memorial Day weekend, we planted our front garden. The onion grass had died down, but the mulberries had just started falling, which is late in the season for them.

Once the onion grass dies back its the perfect time to go plant shopping!

First things first, the night before, we picked up fertilizer, humus, planting soil, and some veggies for the back alley planter box.

The next morning we trekked to Produce Junction with our neighbor and her daughter again this year. We used some tricks we learned last year, including how to double stack: Here’s the trunk!

The weather was iffy Saturdsy so we waited until Memorial Day to plant. We selected our favorites: Geraniums, begonias, impatiens, & coleus, as well as some newbies: fox glove (tall purple perennial), and the flecked leaf plants in the foreground- pink lady (I think) which are annuals.

Maddy guards the front stoop from the rest of the neighborhood cats and garden worms:

First we raked the area, then mixed in the humus/ manure into the soil. We also pulled back the ivy and vines where the path is:

Then we game planned how to divvy up the plants and put them in:

Red geraniums along the fence this year (easier to deadhead from the sidewalk and fun looking), impatiens, then a band of begonias. Foxglove and pink ladies near the lillies on the west end.

Finally, we chose to go a different route this year for watering the garden. Instead of sprinklers, we threaded a soaker hose thru the garden. We’ve hardly had to use it though with all the rain we’ve had the first few weeks in June!

Luckily the plants seem to love the rain so we’re still in business!

Do you plant annuals, or have an established perennial garden that comes up every year? We like our combo of both established plants that require little to no work AND the tradition of ‘planting our garden’ with pretty annuals every spring!

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