Garden Update

Now that it’s the beginning of July, it’s a good time for a garden update.

So the Front Garden:

All the rain and reasonably mild temperatures have been great for the plants this year.

All our Lilies are blooming which is the first we can remember since we moved in.

And the Hostas, Impatients, Begonas are all doing great. Amending the soil a little bit each Spring is really starting to pay off. All of our plants have been big, happy, & flowering this year.

The trees are also all out giving us wonderful shade during the summer. See our new outdoor table?

The Back Garden:

Our Kitchen Garden has also been doing well. We have been using fresh basil right out of the garden and soon will have some peppers & tomatoes! And the crazy upside down tomato has been doing well.

The radishes that we planted from seed will also be ready to harvest soon… Yum

And the added benefit of our back garden is that it gives a nice green glow to our living room stained glass window. It’s been a year since we reopened the window and installed the new glass and we are still loving it!

The 3rd Floor Deck Garden:

Normally we have an automatic timer water this garden every other day since the planter boxes cook in the sun but with all the rain we haven’t watered them once.
Of course now that it is July, we put up our curtains so we don’t cook from the western exposure. The linen curtain hides some of the plants but the plants remind us they’re still there with their fun shadows.

The Sedum comes back every year and get lots of cheery yellow flowers in the Spring once they are established. The Petunias are also in full bloom.

The planters we added to the deck really complete this outdoor room, and make it a very pleasant space to hang out. Especially living in a city we think it’s important to still be surrounding by green growing things!

Since we plants at the end of May, it’s always fun to watch the plants grow and see how we did a month later. Well that’s the long update…

Happy 4th of July!

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