Back Porch Replacement – Day 1

So our secret “quick” project is to redo our back porch. There will be a new fence, a wider sliding gate for easier in and out, a new slab for better drainage, new stairs, a new column (more on that part later), and a planter box. We wanted to do this project before installing the stain glass window next weekend (for obvious reasons).

And down the old went… without too much effort. Parts of the fence were 100 years old so of course there was some deterioration.

We have been talking about this project forever so it is great to finally be executing it. Kelly’s dad Bill was nice enough to come up to Philly to give us a helping hand with this big project… much appreciated.

So all cleaned up and on to the next task… the slab.

Breaking up concrete is not easy, and did I mention it was 100 degrees out! We went at it with a sledge hammer and pick.

Then came digging the footing for our new column and preparing our base.

It looked like a disaster struck the alley!

In preparation for the pour we borrowed a power concrete mixer from the West Philly Tool Library,

and made two runs to Home Depot. We need 35 – 80lb bags! That is 2800 lbs or 1.4 tons of concrete we had to haul down the alley.

We slept soundly that night!

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