Would You Like To Take A Survey?

If you look to the left, you may notice a  new feature on our lil blog here.  A Poll! 

So help us out : what should we call the loft-library-tv room-office-fish tank- lounge-deck-minibar-jungle space??  Feel free to fill in the blank withgood ideas, we need them!

3 responses to “Would You Like To Take A Survey?

  1. I thought of some really terrible names for it. Like “The Jungle”, so you could be like “welcome to the jungle” in a Guns & Roses voice, or maybe “The Crow’s Nest” cause it’s really high up and when you’re up there you have to talk like a pirate. Or the “No Elephants Room” ’cause they can’t get up the stairs. Then I thought of “The Gibb/Piasecki Anti-Tidal Wave Support Center”, but I thought that might be too long.
    “The Observatory” -> To Pompous
    “The Room-that-shall-not-be-Named” -> Too Harry Potter-ish
    “The Basement” -> Already taken
    “The Roof” -> Misleading
    “The We’re ‘Not at Home’ Suite” -> We know you’re up there! You can’t hide!

    All unacceptable… I’ll try to think of a good one, but I think I’m geared to far to the ridiculous and subversive sides to be helpful. 😉

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