Ahhh PolyStain

The past few days I’ve been tackling the living room trim, and there is finally some visual progress! Lots of nail hole filling, sanding, etc not to mention the cutting and installing of all the trim. The day finally arrive to stain/ poly our beautiful white oak. We’re using a combined stain/ poly called Golden Pecan.

But first, our bathroom window is unfinished pine, which takes the finish differently than oak. It required an extra step of darker stain. Love removable sashes.

Ok, now everything is ready for the poly/stain!



Looking into the bathroom:

Moving out of the bathroom into the main space was intimidating… But i did it. Before:

A LOT of time spent on the floor today…

Progress. I’m liking the combo poly-stain so far.

Note: I’m the only one attending this event.

So here’s that fireplace. The rich stain really makes the tiles POP. The funny thing is we are reusing a piece of oak trim with the original stain (found inside the fireplace mantel) and after I started poly-ing noticed this color matches exactly. High five, us.

I suppose we’re ~ half way done with this step, then I’ll be back around with a clear coat of semi gloss poly to wrap it up. Progress!

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