Floor Repairs – Part 1

The floor next to our fireplace was not in good shape, partly due to years of a leaky radiator. It was time for repairs before we install the new baseboard over it.

The first step is of course demolition, but selective demolition to only take up the bad areas.

Here was an interesting find, an early knob and tube electrical outlet. It has a porcelain socket with contacts on either side, with a cast brass cover plate. I wonder what they plugged into this floor outlet?

Unfortunately an area of the subfloor had to be replaced. We could see thru to the basement before the new subfloor went down.

Then time to patch the floor with wood we salvaged from under the new credenza. The flooring is Oak with bands of Mahogany, which we did not have a lot of. I had to take some rougher peices and sand them down. Here is everything put back together.

The finish on the floor was a clear coat of polyurethane. It’s amazing how it brings out the richness in the Mahogany. No stain was used. One more coat of poly and it’s done.

Next up: repairing the old tile next to the fireplace, stay tuned for Part 2.

2 responses to “Floor Repairs – Part 1

  1. What a beautiful home you have! Those hardwood floors, tile and woodwork are stunning. I don’t envy your workload though. We have a newer home and the work is still never ending.

    • Thank you! The unique details are definitely one of our favorite parts of our home. We can’t wait to be “done” so we can uncover our floors!

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