Garden Update Part II

This year we went plant shopping with our neighbors to the new-to-us place with amazing prices called Produce Junction. They had most of our favorites. Also, everyone there thought Rob worked there – if architecture doesn’t work out for him he can always try his hand at flower garden designing. We filled two carts with hosta, begonias, impatiens, geraniums… Enough for the width of our garden and the garden across from ours, total garden SF is about 25′ x 10′:

We transplanted a underperforming hosta from the center of the garden into pots, and then relocated a giant hosta that wasn’t in an ideal location to the center of the garden. Then we started planning. Our whole neighborhood was out in the nice weather on Saturday afternoon so we had a lot of helpers and inspirational bubble blowing:



Our neighbor decided to continue a path thru her garden to the shared gate, and once the hosta moved we adjusted our path to meet hers. I think it looks great (as well as being practical). You can see our red coleus and red spiky dragon plants here too:

Our other neighbor gave us some lilies (foreground) so we planted them too! Lots of plants and flowers, a nice mix of annuals and perennials. Can’t wait to watch them fill in this summer!

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