Sunday morning started with a pile of sheet metal…

And after some measuring and sketching we figured out how to fit it all together in the very tight space.

The first piece we had to make was a plenum box behind the exterior discharge louver. Both the basement shop exhaust and kitchen exhaust dump into this box, each with a backdraft damper, so the air can only go out the louver.

So here is the new exterior opening ready for the louver & box.

The louver and plenum box fit perfectly.

The kitchen in line fan attached to the plenum box and the basement exhaust is the 8″ duct coming off of the right side.

There is the 10″ round duct coming from the kitchen downdraft exhaust. It’s big!

And now is the moment of truth to connect the kitchen ductwork to the fan. In the background you can also see the 8″ basement exhaust. The green section of duct is the inline fan.

And all done!

Now we can use the fan and burn all
kinds of food in our kitchen on Thanksgiving (and make bacon without smelling up the whole house) : )

3 responses to “Exhausted!

    • I’d only ever used the recirculating kind so this actually-exhausting exhaust fan is amazing to me! Haven’t tried it out with burnt smells yet but worked great for thanksgiving.

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