I Like … Birds*

Luckily Rob likes ladders! We picked out a metal bird feeder this weekend for our garden, to hang from our tree:

Rob created a pulley system so we can easily raise and lower the feeder from the ground when we need to refill it. Filling it up!

Raising it up! Smart cookie:

Oh- we planted a few more liriope (green spiky plants) too, to give a natural border to ivy-land:

Back to birds. The first morning, no birds yet:

BUT it was bound to be discovered eventually. This morning, two cute birds discover Graduate Hospital’s newest bird bistro (as seen thru the window screen with the wildlife zoom lens of my phone):

We have been wanting to do this for a while but hadn’t found the right feeder. I love that we can see it from the front bedrooms, or when we’re sitting outside eating brunch.

*eels song reference

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