Hall, Primed

After some long days of spackling and sanding our hall…

And a lot of vacuuming up of drywall dust and wiping down of walls… it was finally time to prime our hall!

Here’s my new Purdy xl cub (shortie brush)! I only use this brush but my first one bit the dust (it was on its way but then I made the mistake of using it with oil based paint- don’t do that!). Anyway, in my opinion good quality paint brushes are worth the expense when you spend as much time on perfecting your walls and trim as we tend to do… but it no longer looks this clean:

Standing on a chair- still not reaching much… but I rocked the bandana to keep the paint out of my hair…

After prime time (4 hrs!). We’re stopping this paint job at the top of the steps, hence the bit of tan:

It looks like a monster but the future wall grill, light, and smoke detector go here…

And stop peeking at the new door trim to the little bedroom! Rob will post about that later.

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