2011: The Rose Colored Glasses Review

December 29th, 2011…. goodness gracious it’s the end of the year, and {surprise!} we’re not “done” yet but that doesn’t mean we haven’t “done” anything. Oh quite the contrary. We’ve been busting booty over here on Madison Square all year and it’s time to look at the glass as half-full. (Don’t forget that last New Years Eve we were still showering in the basement!*)

Here’s a month-by-month highlight of some of our projects.

January: Installing the paneling in our bathroom!


Feb: Repurposing an old dresser into a custom vanityfor the bathroom!


March: Finished the bathroom tile!


April: Finished the bathroom (ugg, grout)!


May: Electrical close out!


June: Garden Time- planted our garden & deck, then organized a clean up & entered our block in some tough competitions with great results!


July: Cleaned out the basement!


August: Kicked off the little bedroom project by ripping out the purple carpet… then promptly tore out more walls to kick off the closet-creation project!



Sept: Framed & drywalled the closet project!


Oct: Fit out our new linen closets with fancy shelves & doors!


November: Totally rebuilt the exterior little bedroom wall & installed a new window!


December: Plastering, triming, sanding and generally magically transforming the little bedroom!


Whew… no wonder the last 365 days flew by. Good thing next year is leap year…

* In general this post is directed to me because I feel like nothing has happened this year when in fact, Kelly, if you look back at your own blog, www.madisonsquare.wordpress.com, you may notice that is not the case. So happy new year!!

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