Trim Time

We are finally putting things back together and I am working on the trim.

The old door frame, like much of the house, has had a long history as you can see on the jambs.

We used a router to cut out the bad wood at the hinges & lock, but made sure to leave some of the original frame to fasten too.

Then in went the new wood with adhesive, nails, and a few screws at the hinges. Don’t forget the wood putty.

Now on to the casing. Being ‘sustainable’ we reused a lot of the old trim (of course after sanding off all the old paint globs). The sliding door also got all new jambs; reused casing still to come.

Unfortunately while trimming the sliding door we realized that this reused door had a ‘slight’ warp to it so here is our attempt to straighten it. We’ll see how that goes!

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