Cork & Paint

Tonight I paint-swatched it up in the little bedroom (and living room; more on that later). We had some ideas of course and paint of course so it was just a matter of painting and deciding on a color…sounds easy! Here’s a view from the hall into both guest bedrooms and closet:

Three golden / tan types, one is the color we’re using in the hall. We’re going to check them out tomorrow AM in the daylight before we make a final decision:

With all the cork samples below. The ones in the middle are what we’re planning to get now… Their actual size is 12×24:

More paint samples- including some blues- our bedroom color & the bathroom ceiling- which we nixed pretty quickly:

We’re pretty excited because we found a great deal on cork tiles… it’s on sale for the unheard of $1/ SF. The cork we liked the most, “Pick up strips”, was ~$7, the “Medium” was ~$5, and those were trade discounts! We’re did the math and are pretttttty sure that we can be happy with the DOLLAR a square foot cork, because at that price we can afford a new light fixture. And the adhesive to hold down the cork. Maybe a cute rug in here too. And still have money left over for some groceries. Here’s the new floor plan…

Actually you can see our old calcs on pricing to the right… it really pays to shop around and if you start looking early you may find some good deals. Now if we could only pick a paint color this easily!

2 responses to “Cork & Paint

    • We found it on clearance at lumber liquidators – luckily we only needed 100 SF because that’s all they had left. Because of the low stock the ordering process wasn’t completely smooth, but for the price it’s not worth complaining too much. I can’t wait to get it on the floor!

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