A December Evening

Sometimes we have one task we tackle together for the entire night, and some nights we divide and conquer. Tonight we did a little of both. I’ll start with the coolest. Rob made the window sill for the little bedroom! It has a sweet little curve to it. Love:

I sanded a ton of the hall trim. It’s really one of my favorite things to do since I basically lay sideways with a mask on in piles of paint chips with a palm sander. Once I’m done I will encourage all visitors to byo magnifying glass and check out my work. Here’s the chair rail because I wasn’t laying back down to get a picture of the base:

Changing hvac filters frequently is important when you’re a construction site. And having super fine filters:

Making a mess of my desk earlier in the evening at work in search of the “perfect” warm neutral tan sandy beige but not too yellow or peachy or with green undertones paint color. We’re getting some testers tomorrow:

AND: the pocket door is hung!

This “bedroom improvement project” is moving right along.

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