The Other Surprise

So while working on the deck door threshold, we found another surprise… the bottom of the door is rotted out. The same handy man who did a poor job installing the threshold also install the the sweep on the bottom of the door backwards trapping water against the wood door.

So this is after cutting off the worst bottom 2″ of the door. You can see there is still some rot on the ends and outer face of the door.

Since there would be nothing left if we took out all the rot at the bottom we selectively removed the worst wood on the outside.

We then patched the door with new wood using adhesive and screws. This should help provide additional structural integrity.

Here it is reinstalled. We are letting it dry out for a little bit and will then prime.

Hopefully it will last a few more years!

2 responses to “The Other Surprise

  1. Hello Kelly and Robert,

    I am interested in how you did the repair on the door. How did you “seal” the laminated slice of wood to the door? What type of material did you use to bond it? I have found your site very interesting! Merry Christmas to both of you. Hope to see you soon!!! WEB and Aunt Alice

  2. We used a polyurethane based construction adhesive which is extremely strong and put it on heavy to fill all the gaps. Then for finishing the face we just used ordinary wood putty and sanded it. Once we prime and paint the exterior it will seal the outside of the door but we don’t want to do it too soon otherwise we will seal in the moisture! (Previously the moisture was coming in through the bottom of the door and could not dry out through the paint. It also doesn’t help that the door is on the North side of the house). We will also make sure the new door bottom sweep will weep to the exterior and not trap moisture.

    Hope all is well and Merry Christmas! R&K

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