Spray Yay

Spray Foam Insulation. It’s so pretty. When it’s done. It’s not so bad to install either, most of the time is prep and cleanup, which still isn’t so bad (total project time ~ 3 hrs?, just one hour of actual spraying)

The goods we use are a two component system shipped in a box that leaves very little to chance… Open box, twist knobs, practice-spray to make sure yellow component + blue component = green spray!

It’s good to have a helper available to get new spray tips ready and keep the cords untangled, and be a second set of eyes on the lookout for uneven spraying (me!) Also, they’re there to take awesome pictures of you in a tyvek suit. Then, spray:

Oh right, first get the outfit on, then spray:

Scaffolding saves the day. Seriously. High. Ceilings.

So that’s it, and hopefully that’s the last time we’ll be spray-foaming (or regular insulating) our house. We’ve successfully foamed the entire north elevation on the first two floors (minus intentionally exposed brick in the powder room, but we foamed the bit of exposed west wall in there to balance it out). The whole third floor and attic is spray-in recycled cellulose insulation. And the south elevation on the first two floors… Welllll it gets heated by the sun, right?

2 responses to “Spray Yay

  1. Hey thanks for popping by today and saying hello! Just had a look around your blog, you house is amazing! I love love that 3rd floor so much!! Glad you’re able to enjoy your new bathroom after all that hard work!

    • thanks Linds! We really love hanging out on our third floor… it’s probably one of the top 5 reasons we chose the house since we were moving from a loft apartment 🙂

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