Before, After, During: Floor Repair

The past two nights have been spent on quick floor repair in the little bedroom. In the before shot below, it’s easy to see that the area of previous patching was exactly where we had to fix the floor. It was squeaky and did not feel solid at all. The area below the window was also shot due to all the openings from the old radiator pipes we removed. Before:

During- we added some more insulation for sound dampening in the joist bays we could reach:

We patched with glued & screwed down plywood; After:

Re-worked pex for radiator:


Meanwhile of course our most-needed tool for the project, a hand me down corded circular saw, decided mid-project that it quit. Luckily it was just the cord, Rob had a spare cord and rewired it.

Who knew we had a spare power tool cord on stand by?

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