Framed Up!

Now that the wall is patched and window is in it’s time to cover it up!

We used 2×3’s to take minimal space from the room but it can be hard to find straight studs, especially 10′ 2×3’s (Have you ever had to dig through the lumber pile at any big box store for wood straight enough to build a wall? Its tough!). Even with the 2×3’s we still had to turn one of the studs on its side to accommodate the irregularities of the existing masonry wall (Do you see it?) We braced the center of the wall to stiffen the whole thing.

All the blocking is in around the window so it will be ready for trim as soon as we drywall.

Next Up, spray foam! For most of the wall we have space for 3″ of foam which will give use R21 to keep this room nice & cozy… Stay tuned

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