Keep It Moving

We’re moving right along to the indoor work, so we temporarily have less floor in the little bedroom. It was… let’s just say… in bad shape. We’re planning to install cork in here eventually, so we’ll be filling in with plywood. Not surprisingly, it’s not level:

I insulated a bit along the exterior with “rotten cotton” to prevent the chance of fire spreading along the outermost floor joists from the kitchen below:

Rob got started on the plumbing changes necessary for the new radiator install that will be piped in the wall instead of connecting at the floor. Unfortunately when he installed the pex at the old radiator he did a really good job so it was a two wrench job un-do it:

By the way he’s our super-bright new alley lights. This picture is taken at night. Don’t blind yourself:

And here’s a glimpse of the bed frame we brought back from the Poconos this weekend. It used to be a rope bed but was modified- so finding a mattress that fits correctly (they’re all made so deep now) will be a challenge… We’re up for it once we have a place to set it up:

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