New Addition


All wrapped up, imported from the Poconos:

It’s a new (to us) vintage / antique / heirloom handwoven rug purchased long ago by Rob’s grandmother:

We didn’t measure it except to make sure it fit in our car, but it’s approx 8 1/2′ x 11’… That’s a lot of rug! We unfurled it on the third floor to check it out but we haven’t figured out exactly where it’s going yet. Probably third floor, or orange guest room:

It’s been waiting for us to bring it to Philly for so long we forgot what it looked like…it has a similar pattern and color to our bedroom rug. We’re pretty excited. It’s about the size of our library:

We also brought home an antique spindle bed frame for the guest room. Can’t wait to get all the furniture and rugs in place!

2 responses to “New Addition

    • 🙂 Thanks for bestowing our rug with such a fancy word ! We’re so very lucky to have inherited this lovely rug… couldn’t have picked out a prettier one ourselves

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