Filling Holes in Walls

Back in May we were replacing baseboard and discovered a lot of scary brick dust at the exterior facade. It was like being at the dentist for a cleaning and finding out you have a cavity and apparently it’s really bad and you may need a root canal…

After some initial exploration, we put it in the list and haven’t touched it since. (You can bet during the earthquake I was thinking of that wall.) Tonight we timidly removed some of the laminated drywall and plaster, still not knowing the extent of the damage.

There’s 2 bricks between living room and garden… you’re not supposed to see the back of the garden brick from the living room because that means A BRICK IS MISSING!

It wasn’t as bad as it could have been but there was some major water damage here at some point. Luckily we have some experience in this area…. and bricks:

Hopefully working together, we’ll be able to wrap this up in one more evening. Ah masonry, how we’ve missed you.

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