Closet Dreaming & Scheming

Did you ever have a great idea but don’t know if you want to implement it because of 1) the mess you’ll make 2) the additional time until your house is “done” but you KNOW it would be awesome?

Exhibit A: Our current #2 & #3 bedrooms

Exhibit B: A rough sketch of Our Potential Closet Solving Solution and Bonus Linen Closet

The existing closet in the bigger room isn’t original, and the little bedroom would obviously benefit from a closet, seeing as it is barely bigger than a closet itself, the bigger bedroom would have a more efficient layout, we’d gain some needed linen storage, and additional suitcase storage above the closets. We’d also have demo, carpentry, and finish work.  Labor & design fees are obviously free but we’d need to buy studs, drywall, trim and other miscellaneous items.

Can we get a vote here: Are closets really necessary for bedrooms in a city rowhouse or does a dresser or wardrobe work just fine? Is it worth taking up some bedroom floor space? Is it worth the construction dust/time? 

Another question: Why is it always much easier & fun to design it than to implement it?

We'd love to hear from you!

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