Seriously, What Are We Working On These Days?

It’s been late nights at work the past week and a half and you can probably guess what that means.  Little to zero of “work” work on the house on week nights.   We have been doing a bit of researching and purchasing and picking up items and thinking, so that should count for something bloggable, right?

1) Tile! We picked up our DalTile order this morning on the way to work  in the Honda.  We now have our glass mosaic wall tile for the kitchen, and our hex floor tile for the bathroom upstairs.  

2) Tile Backer.  While at the showroom we happened to learn about a tile backing product that was new to us that we will most likely be using to install under our tile floors- a lil something orange called Schluter Ditra.  Instead of heavy unwieldy thick sheets of Durock or hardyboard, which we used on our kitchen walls, which can shift and cause cracking when used with a radiant floor, this comes in a roll and flexes to keep our tiles in one piece.  An added benefit is a decrease in the total thickness of the floor, so the top of the tile will be even closer to the existing wood floors in the dining, living & upstairs hall.

3) Intercoms. We have been living without a doorbell for quite a while now in the hopes of finding a wireless doorbell system that can also work as an intercom system within the house.  We cannot hear a knock at the door from any floor but the first, and running three flights from third floor to basement (altho I can do it in under 25 seconds, I timed myself) to ask a simple question of each other is getting on our last nerve.  We broke down and ordered something tonight but only time will tell if it will work…

4) Paint.  We’re pretty set for now on painting the kitchen walls above the glass tile wainscot the same color as our bedroom, a color match of the etheral Benjamin Moore White Rain.   The half bath may get the same treatment, and that leaves us with only a few spaces left to choose: For the living room we have been tossing around the word “grey”.   The Dining Room will be the “LAST ROOM” we are working on and so I’m not even going there yet (altho early on I tossed out the though of navy or peacock blue upper walls with the creamy white “Pot of Cream” trim color we used on the third floor wainscot).  Hall colors we’ve discussed Pot of Cream as the trim color paired with a slightly darker cream but dont think we have specific colors;  Possibly dare. I. say. a taupe upper wall color for the bathroom.  And the little bedroom- which actually will probably be the “last room” since we are currently using it as storage- something bold (or, white).  And I thought we were getting close.

5) Office.  We set up our office on the third floor (this is a terrible picture but you get the idea)-rolled out the rug and everything.  Now our laptops, a bit sad without internet for the past month and a half, have a home.  This also enabled us to move our 3″wide + project house monster binder, that Rob is so awesome at keeping together and updating, to the third floor.  We are still working on how/where to install our upper desk cabinets.  That will be it’s own project.

6) Kitchen Cabinets.  We installed 4 more doors on our uppper cabinets.  Yay! Unfortunately ikea’s system only added one door to the upper cabinet of the wall oven section leaving us one door short. Oh well, something tells me we will be back to Ikea someday.

7) Address Updating.  Yes, some of us are just now getting around to updating the new address at a number of key places!

So that’s what is up this week at Mad Sq!

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