Where oh where have we been?  The last few weeks have been quite the adventure starting with birthday celebrations, weekend traveling for exciting events such as magna cum laude sister graduation, and the kind of Deadline at work that earns a capital D and that we’re both working on. 

But don’t worry! We’ll be back soon with a vengence, considering … we’re not done yet.

For one, the mulberries are still falling and our garden isn’t planted yet. 

Also considering the overwhelming lack of exterior brick in our living room we’ll definitely have some demo and masonry to do before we pick out a couch.  Guess I forgot to mention that on May 6th (happy birthday to me) we discovered a slight problem with our facade bricks during a routine remove-the-baseboard session in the living room.  Glad our poor house hasnt fallen down yet but rather than pushing our luck we should probably get on that pretty soon.  So yeah, we’ll be back.

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