Mirror, Mirror

As we’re slowwwwly wrapping up the guest bungalow project, I decided to take on a mini project I’ve been aching to do for a whole now… A Mirror Makeover!

The mirror that hung above the bathroom pedestal sink (way back in another time when we bought the house) was floral, faux finish-y, shabby chic-y… Nothing desirable in a mirror in my opinion. BUT! It had a lovely geometric shape and so I kept it hidden away in the basement… Until now:

I removed the glass, primed the frame, let it dry, then sanded down the raised areas of the painted finish. (There was still a price tag sticker on the back so I’m certain this is a circa early 2000 mirror from a box store, rather than something antique/ precious.)

Then I painted it with our Pot Of Cream trim paint:

Much better. Here’s the current guest bedroom set up, with mirror:

The set up and accessories took about 5 minutes so they’re still in flux. Dresser is Rob’s from childhood, leather elephant bank was an awesome work pollyanna gift a few years ago, the ‘Y’ is a piece of a second year architecture model made of plaster, recent photo is us with our niece, mid century clock from a block fair at Fitler Sq a few years ago.

The antique cane chair used to be my grandparents and recently came out of storage. My grandmother had re-caned it, so that part is fairly sound, but currently the chair itself is sensitive and therefore has a “look but don’t touch” policy.

So mirror makeover… What do you think?

2 responses to “Mirror, Mirror

  1. The mirror looks lovely. I can’t believe you didn’t like the flowers. *wink wink* Love the cane chair!

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