No More Rabbit Hole

Even though the cat loves it, and I am sure our son would too given the chance, the hole into the floor in the corner of the nursery has to go.

1 -IMG_4804

There was a bad patch in that corner that we reopened up when we redid the radiator lines, and it has been open ever since.

2 -IMG_4806

One of the challenge of patching this floor is that it is 100 year old quarter sawn Pine. We are not going to find anything that would be a good match at Homedepot, so we decided to make our own floor boards from old pine studs that we had demo’ed in our previous projects.

3 -IMG_4808

This way we could match the cut, board width, and even the tongue and groove of the old floor. We did it all on our table saw, which made lots of saw dust!


Then to remove any of the blade marks and even out all the boards we put them together in order and ran the palm sander across them.


The boards fit perfectly and we cut the overlapping ends at 45 degrees to get a better joint.


Some glue and few nails later and its all closed up. Next up a little putty, a little more sanding, and then staining to completely bend the patch in…

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